Offering High-Quality Performance Hunters & Jumpers

If you’re looking for a superior Hunter/Jumper Prospect on a budget, EquiSale Sport Horses can help.

Check out our current prospects, priced 40K and under.

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Performance Hunter and Jumper Horses priced below US $75,000.

EquiSale has a selection of high-quality Sport Horses ranging from well-bred young prospects to proven International Grand-Prix jumpers under $75,000

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Many of the prospects in this category are complete 3-ring horses, and will be highly competitive at any horseshow or circuit around the world.

Take a look at these Sport Horses priced 75K and above.

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Under 40k

Under 75k

Over 75k

EquiSale Sport horses is a boutique sale barn located in Port Orange, Florida.

We sell high quality Hunter/Jumper horses. We have locations in Europe as well and can help you to find your partner from 3YO prospects all the way to successful Grand Prix Jumpers Performance Hunters or International Derby horses. We also offer a very limited consignment program to market & broker horses for people looking to sell their horses.

Marjory was absolutely wonderful to work with! The whole buying process was easy and straightforward, and she was honest and transparent with me from the start. I am so happy with the amazingly talented, incredibly high quality horse I purchased from her. Highly recommend buying from ESH!!