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Brady 2007

Winning 1m15 6/21/2020

2nd Place 1m15 6/20/2020

Flat Video


Born: 2007
Breed: KWPN
Gender: Colt
Height: 16.2H
Experience: Jumper

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Roll call to my competitive jumper Folks (I have other more suitable options for the slow pokes!)


Brady is the ultimate winning machine up to 1m35. This horse has competed all over the World, with many different riders and every time he has stepped up to the plate and rose to the top ranks.

While this 13YO, 16.2H KWPN has done the bigger stuff and he is healthy enough mentally and physically to keep on doing the 1m30+, last year he took a gig to teach an adult the ropes at 1m.

This past week-end, for his first show post Rona, he cleaned up in the 1m15 division and finished champion and he will be ready to move back up to the 1m20/1m25 in the next couple of weeks.

It will be hard to find a better partner for the high Child/adult or the Low Am/Jr. All you have to do is learn and remember your course. After that set the cruise control to ; hauling butts and zoom around the course, he will take care of everything else … Spots, turns, leaving one out or adding one, he is in charge.

And to make this guy even more perfect, he flats in a happy mouth snaffle, and can give a run for their money to top dressage horses in the fling your toe department. He doesn’t move well, he floats across the ring. And don’t get me started on the canter, it is like riding a rocking chair.

This guy has zero non sense, he is not spooky, he is not silly, he is not quirky. He is just game when it matters (in the ring in a speed class) and mister chilled the rest of the time.

And he is sound and healthy, with no injuries. He has the legs of a 3YO. He has never been pounded on.

He has an extensive FEI show record and USEF records with placings after placings. USEF ; 5503890
FEI ;…

He is the cutest minion ever and therefore needs to be fed bananas.

Last but not least, he belongs to a trainer who adores him. This should read ; Be ready to be fully vetted, have an FBI background check, 6 interviews to even be considered to buy this unicorn. He will only go to a 5 star home and somebody who will spoil him and treat him like a king.


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