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Charlene, 2008 - 16.2H Holsteiner mare

Schooling 1m45/1m50 at Home

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Born: 2008
Breed: Holsteiner Mare
Gender: Female
Height: 16.2 H
Experience: Jumper

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Meet the Queen…

Yes, this special mare is not just an other jumping horse, she is a freak. And she knows it. She has an ego the size of Texas.

Yep, she is one of those, who will step in the ring and zip around a 1m40 class or 1m45 jump off and lower the fastest time by 10 seconds, just like this, casually … then on her way out she will give the mare stare to the horse at the in gate… And if she could speak, she would say : take is peasant!

Yes, a Diva she is… but she has all the talent in the World to back up her attitude and so us, commoners just cater to her wishes.

She is not marish (this is just too crass) she has an opinion.

She is actually very polite on the flat, and riding her is a real treat. She is light and uphill and gives the rider the best feel.

Over fences, she is nothing short of amazing. She is quick, catty, light, can leave from any spot. She will jump from underneath the fence, or leave one out, without batting an eye. She has one mission : leave the rails up at all cost and go fast.

This 12YO, 16.2H imported Holsteiner mare is the winner all the way from 1m30 to 1m45.

While she has no bad habits (well maybe one or two small things), she doesn’t buck, rear and or spook. That being said we don’t think she would thrive teaching the ropes at the lower level… she would probably think it is beneath herself. But she will forgive some mistakes from a more experienced rider.

What Charlene wants to do with her life, is to crush the competition at the top of the sport. So she can just once again, show everybody who is the boss.

Mid/high five range – Located in Port Orange, FL

More videos on request


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